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Our focus is to identify and apply the most effective investment strategies available through today’s technology.

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Buying and holding S&P is old news. Our proprietary strategies can consistently produce higher returns year-over-year.

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“I couldnt be more impressed . . .

with the knowledge and professionalism I have experienced from Austin and the Westgate Fund team. He has always spoken very candidly to me about my options, explaining risks, and taking time to answer all of my questions. The results have far exceeded my expectations! This is a very skilled group that I wholeheartedly trust, making smart choices to help me meet my financial goals. I’m very satisfied with their service and highly recommend!”

--Mindi J.

"My experience with Westgate Fund has been very positive . . .

I have always received detailed notifications and on-time reports. Whenever I have any questions, I reach out to Austin and I receive prompt and helpful answers to my concerns. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an investment opportunity to give Westgate Fund a shot and I am sure you would not go back."

--Deepak M.

Piece of mind finance advice

Best-in-class education

For anyone who wants to make money. Period.

our team

Stella Lindley

Financial Planner

Grow your investments.

Donald Martin

Tax Specialist

Don’t worry about tax problems.

Gaby Williams

In House Counsel

Let us safeguard your money.

Our clients come from some of the most most respected businesses in the world

Best-in-class education

Our goal is to arm our members with industry-leading knowledge to make them smarter and more profitable investors.

Best-in-class experience

We provide an exceptional experience that is individualized to each person’s specific investment goals and needs, because we believe in long term relationships. Our members are here to stay.

Learn and profit from the very best

Join our financial planning agencty and start building the safest investment strategy you have ever seen. 

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